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By Dr. Edward F. Group (DC, DACBN)

Most people are unaware of the fact that enema use is one of the oldest health treatments of human kind. In one form or another, this 3,500 year-old practice of cleansing the colon (or bowels/large intestine) dates back to Egyptian times. What is even more shocking is the fact that some people are holding around 10 pounds of excess fecal matter in their lower intestines and up to 20-30 pounds in their small intestines.

But what did the Egyptians know that many of our Western counter-parts have forgotten?

That colon cleansing is one of the most powerful therapies for remedying a whole host of common ailments, including: acne, eczema, constipation, anxiety, acute headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, colon diseases, meningitis, candida, parasites, the common cold, food poisoning, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, hemorrhoids, diseases of the prostate, allergies, as well as many others.

So what is an enema?

Technically, the word “enema” refers to cleansing the bowels via inserting a warm liquid into the rectum, inducing a bowel movement. Enema use usually involves specific equipment, as well as tonics, oils, herbs, coffee or extracts to support the cleansing process.

Common types of colon cleansing enemas include:

Organic coffee enema
Organic Raw Apple cider vinegar enema
Organic Herbal enemas
Organic Diluted clay enemas
Probiotics enemas
Organic Yoghurt enemas
Organic Oil enemas
Organic juice enemas

** NOTE: If you would like to use one of the above methods I recommend finding the instructions for mixing and use online.

Equipment need for an enema includes:

Either an enema bag or an enema bucket
An enema tube which will connect to the enema bucket/bag with a nozzle
A tube clamp for stopping or regulating the flow of liquid
An enema nozzle or tip (usually made out of glass, stainless steel or plastic)
Additive of of your choice or distilled water

Costs of an at-home enema

Today, an enema kit or colema board kit is relatively inexpensive and easy to purchase through on-line retailers. Plastic models can cost as low as $8.50, with glass or stainless steel versions costing up to $250. Also, most kits come with detailed instructions.

How to perform an enema at home:

~ Plan on taking 15-30 minutes for your first at home enema and perform in the bathroom.
~ Place the enema bag or bucket 18-24 inches above the rectum.
~ Position yourself on your side, back or on your knees.
~ Make sure the liquid (with any additions) is around 105 degrees F (a little more than body temperature). If the liquid is too cold, it may cause abdominal cramping.
~ Try to take a deep breath and relax. Lubricate the rectal nozzle and anal area with a lubricant such as organic olive oil. Open the tube clamp and allow the liquid to release any air that might be in the tubing.
~ Slowly, insert the rectal tube 2 to 4 inches into the rectum and be sure that you can reach the shutoff valve.
~ Open the valve and allow the liquid to flow into the colon. If you experience any cramping or discomfort, hold the shutoff and wait a few seconds, then continue again. Take slow deep breaths to relax yourself.
~ If you feel like going to the bathroom, hold it and the sensation will go away shortly.
~ After emptying the bag, clamp off the shutoff and gently remove the tube.
~ Massage your lower abdomen lightly and try to hold the liquid in for 15-20 minutes.
~ Go to the bathroom as necessary

NOTE: You may find that it takes a few times, over a period of several hours, to expel all of the liquid from the enema. It may be a good idea to rest afterwards, allowing your body to recuperate.

Benefits of Colon Cleansing

By cleansing the colon, we get rid of the excess waste being harbored in the body, allowing us to permit an easier passage of vital nutrients to the organs and blood. We also create a more favorable environment for micro flora in the intestines, and can help prevent toxic absorption of waste material into other areas of our bodies. Enemas help us to not only get rid of old waste, but also increase our ability to have more regular bowel movements and better assimilation of nutrients. A wise saying goes, “You are not what you eat, you are what you don’t eliminate on the toilet.”

Some other positive health results of using enemas:

• Overall improved bowel function
• Clearer skin
• More energy
• Relief of chronic constipation
• Reduced anxiety
• Mental clarity
• Headache relief
• Weight loss
• Balance in pH levels
• Stimulation of he immune system
• Increased circulatory action

Comment: Enemas only address the colon. To cleanse the small intestine I recommend using an oxygen based intestinal cleanser such as Oxy-Powder which cleanses the small and large intestine.

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